Our Cow Cheese Range

At BoatShed Cheese, our range is constantly changing and growing as we add seasonal cheese varieties but there is a core range of wonderful cow cheese which we list below.

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  • Beach Box Brie


    Our luscious brie is made from rich, golden Jersey milk with a subtle and fine white mould rind and It is best when oozy at 4 weeks. Sometimes, we lightly ‘ash’ this cheese which gives it a dark grey rind which is striking against the golden interior of the cheese.

  • BoatShed Cheese - Chelsea Blue

    Chelsea Blue


    This lovely blue cheese features Roquefort spores which create a sweet, nutty flavour in the cheese with a good salty hit to balance the sweetness. It has a crumbly texture which is fabulous for sprinkling over pumpkin risotto or salads but we love it with crunchy pears, walnuts and dessert wine.

  • Compass Gold


    This is our most awarded cheese – rich Jersey milk in a soft, brie like cheese that is ‘washed’ twice weekly with a local pale ale to develop a fragrant, oozy cheese with a robust flavour and slightly sticky rind – typical of ‘washed rind’ cheese.

  • BoatShed Cheese - Ships Wheel Brie

    Ships Wheel Brie


    This lovely mild brie is a great picnic choice as the cheese is stable in warm weather and retains its shape and delicious, nutty mild flavour. The white mould rind is mild in flavour and the pale interior has the wonderful mushroomy and woodsy aroma and flavour of a slow aged brie.

  • BoatShed Cheese - Sun Smoke



    One of our most popular retail cheese varieties, our young and lightly smoked cheddar is brined in Smoked Spanish paprika giving the cheese a rich, smooth and smokey flavour and a gorgeous mahogany rind. Sold in 170g portions for retail and 1kg half wheel for our wholesale customers.